Okay, I am going to try and get straight who’s who in the Dennison family.  Please bear with me.  It may take a few tries.  My mother’s father is Harry Leigh Dennison, born 27Aug1887 in Digby, Nova Scotia.  This is a picture of Harry.
Harry Leigh Dennison, about 25 yrs. old
Harry’s father is Charles Dennison.  No picture of him.  No dates of birth or death, but place of death is Digby, Nova Scotia.  No information or names for his parents.  Charles married Alice Jane Farnham on 16Oct1880.  This was his first marriage.  He was only married once.
 Guessing he died rather young.   
1946   Katherine (Katie) Dennison James, Harry’s sister
 His sister Effie married Asa Murray.  She died as a bride.  Here is a picture of Effie and Asa.
Asa and Effie Dennison Murray
Harry’s younger sister, died in 1st year of marriage, in her teens.
Next is Stella (no info) and Bernard.  The other babies didn’t live.
Here is a picture of Harry’s mother, Alice Farnham Dennison.
Alice Farnham Dennison VanTassell with Edith James
Here is a picture of Harry’s mother, Alice Farnham Dennison, whose date of birth is unknown.  Her date of death is 2Jun1930 in Digby, Nova Scotia. She is holding her granddaughter, Edith James, Katie’s daughter.  Here is a picture of Edith James.
Cousin Edith James  Digby, Nova Scotia  1944
Harry’s sister Katie’s daughter, Harry’s niece, Marion and Richard’s cousin

Here is a picture of Charles and Alice Dennison VanTassell, Harry’s mother and step-father, and Nettie, Harry’s half sister.
Charles VanTassell, Alice Farnham Dennison VanTassell, Nettie VanTassell Yates
boy is son of Paul Yates
After Harry’s father died Alice remarried.  He has three  half sisters, Nettie, Alva, and Gladys, whose father is Harry’s step-father, Charles VanTassell. 
Alva VanTassell Bairt died Nov1971
Alva’s daughter Alice married Brice Weatherbee and lived in Wilmington, Mass.
Here is a picture of Aunt Nettie, Harry’s half sister, and of her husband, Paul Yates.
 Nettie was born 05Jun1899 and died Jun1970.
Aunt Nettie VanTassell Yates, Harry’s half sister
Aunt Nettie’s husband, Paul Yates, photographer in July 1944
I don’t think there are pictures of any of the others. 

No date of birth for Harry’s mother, Alice Jane Farnham Dennison.
 She died 2Jun1930 in Digby, Nova Scotia. 
Her father is James Farnham and her mother is Catherine Warne.
James Farnham’s father’s name was Alden.
Catherine Warne’s father’s name was Samuel (of Liverpool, England). 
Warne arrived in Digby from New Jersey.

At this time that is all I have put together of the Dennison family.
Harry Leigh Dennison married only once, on 18Feb1914 in Digby, Nova Scotia.  He married Florence Adelaide Sweeney who was adopted and became a Donnelly.
Harry and Florence have five children. 
Florence Beulah born 05Dec1914
Ruth Esther born  
Marion Joyce born  
Richard Bryson born 22April1926
Kenneth Farnham

Here is a picture of Harry and his family.

The Harry Dennison Family
Back:  Harry, Richard
Middle:  Ruth, Beulah, Marion
Front:  Kenneth, Florence
1941  Andover St. Ballardvale, MA
Harry has three grandchildren
Here is a picture of Harry with two of his granddaughters.  Susan was born after Harry’s death.

Harry has eight great-grandchildren
Harry has one great-great-grandchild
Harry died on 14Jan1959 in Lawrence General Hospital, Lawrence, Massachusetts. 
I am looking forward to seeing him again when I get to Heaven.