Occasionally I have done research on the Dennison family, none of the findings have been documented.  For the purpose of putting things in one place, in an orderly fashion, I am going to post what I have.  This information needs to be documented before it is included.

In the Digby County Census Index,  rootsweb.ancestry.com,  I found a James A. Dennison of Digby.
The census was taken in 1871, 1881, and 1891.  Some of the columns were messed up so…

Among others listed in the household of James A. Dennison, 78w in 1881, were a Charles, 29, and an Alice (dil), 20m.  w=widow, dil=daughter-in-law, m=married, I believe.  This appears to be Harry Dennison’s parents.

Louisa, 56m,  is the wife of James A. in 1881 but is deceased in 1891.  There are also 39, 36, 35, 34, ( Charles) 29, 26, 22, and 17 year old Dennisons in the household, with no indication as to marital status.

I think this is either two families or Louisa is James’ 2nd wife and the first children are not hers.  She’s definitely not old enough to be the mother of the 46 year old.  And he’s rather young to be James A.’s brother, but he could be a nephew.

The 46 year old is old enough to be the father of the younger children.  Or they could be cousins.  There was another female in 1871 who was 33, who is no longer in the household, presumably married, in 1881.  She would be 43. 

***I think that James, 46, Julia(married), 43, Frances (Frank), 39, Lucy, 36, Louisa, 35, Herbert, 34(deceased), and Charles, 29, are the children of James A. Dennison by two wives.

***I think that James, 46, has three children, Eliza, 26, William H., 22, Walter, 17, and no wife.


There is a listing for James Farnham of Digby.  This name we already know.  And Catherine is his wife.

Among others listed in the household of James Farnham, 44m in 1871, are Catherine, 45m, Charles, 19, and Alice, 10.  In the 1881 census Charles and Alice are not listed in this household.

I believe Charles is the brother of Alice.  The next listing is the household of Charles Farnham, 29, with a wife and children.

I believe Alice married Charles Dennison, son of James A. Dennison, in whose household they lived in 1881.