Talked to Aunt Ruthie last night about working on the family tree. She was glad to hear of my interest. I asked a few questions then realized I have more information than she does, so I’ll take the liberty of taking off from what I have here, although I will collaborate with Cindy and see what she has as well.

When I was talking with Auntie Ruth I was pleased that I was able to talk without getting confused. Did cheat a bit and look at my groupings which are still on the livingroom floor (smile), but even that wouldn’t have helped my confusion prior to last week.

To sum up simply, my grandfather (Cindy Cromer’s and Susan Cameron’s too), Harry Leigh (Marion Moore and Richard Dennison’s father), had one sister, Katherine (Katie) with the same father (Charles Dennison), and three half sisters with the same mother (Alice Farnham Dennison VanTassell), Alva, Nettie (Jeannette) Yates, and Gladys.

My grandmother (Cindy and Susan’s too), Florence Adelaide (mother of Marion Moore and Richard Dennison), had three siblings born to the same parents, Joshua Caleb and Hattie Abbott Sweeney. Her sister, Laura Sweeney MacKay, George Sweeney Donnelly, and Charles Sweeney.

When Joshua died in 1893 or 1894, Florence and George were adopted by Owen and Bertha Donnelly, who later had a son, Bernard (Bernie) Donnelly. Laura was raised by her Aunt Susan. Charles was raised by his grandmother, Adelaide Keane. Hattie Sweeney later married Amero but had no more children.

Harry and Florence Dennison lived in Andover, Massachusetts from July 1923 until their deaths in 1959 and 1981. Florence’s sister Laura and her husband Oscar MacKay lived in Dorchester, Mass. The five Dennison cousins, Beulah, Ruth, Marion, Richard, and Kenny, grew up knowing their seven MacKay cousins, Alex, Chester, Margaret, Edson, Grace, Alice, and Barbara, who are all deceased, as are Beulah and Richard Dennison.