None of this is documented, but I found names and dates in, which is LDS. 

Harry’s mother, Alice Farnham’s mother, Catherine Warne’s parents and their parents!!!
Which jumps back a whole century and brings us to the U.S. but not Massachusetts.  Interesting.

So, Stephen Warne, born about 1775 in New Milford, Connecticut, married Dorcas McIntyre, born about 1780 in Scotland, on 24Oct1799 in Digby, Nova Scotia.  They are my grandfather’s mother’s grandparents!
They had eight children, the fifth being Catherine, born about 1817, in Grand Joggin, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.  She married James Farnham about 1840 in Nova Scotia.  (Source:  1881 Census)

Dorcas’ father, James McIntyre, born about 1755 in Scotland  James died in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, about 16May1790.  His father was born about 1720 in Scotland. 

Samuel Warne, born about 1740 in New Jersey, married Sarah Fairchild, born about 1745 in New Milford, Connecticut, about 1770.  How they all ended up in Digby, Nova Scotia is beyond me!  Samuel died in Digby Ridge about Jan. 1801. 

Didn’t do so well with Florence Sweeney’s family.  The only one was Andrew Sweeny, her grandfather, who was born about 1819 in Nova Scotia.  He was listed in the 1881 census as a 62 year old Baptist farmer whose wife, Charlotte, was 66 and son, Joshua Caleb (Florence’s birth father), 19, also a Baptist farmer.  No other children were listed.  Charlotte is not Joshua’s mother, whose name was Adelaide Keane.  Or maybe her name was Adelaide Charlotte?

Note:  I have since learned that the Warne family were Loyalists who, like most residents of Digby, were relocated to Digby during the Revolutionary War.

This was so exciting!!!  I am encouraged to keep searching.