Found a new search link, it’s a pilot program looking for feedback.  I gave them lots of praise!
I only looked up marriages so far.   Here’s what I found:

Stephen Warne /Dorcas McIntyre  24Oct1799  Trinity Anglican, Digby

Joshua K. Sweeney  b. 1863  Marshall Town, Nova Scotia   Age: 24
Hattie A. Abbott      b. 1870  Marshall Town, Nova Scotia   Age: 17
Married:   28Oct1887  Digby
Groom’s mother:  Charlotte   father:  Andrew
Bride’s mother:   Elizabeth    father:  Joseph

Charles Dennison  b. 1851  Digby, Nova Scotia   Age:  29
Alice Farnham      b. 1860  Digby, Nova Scotia   Age:  20
married:  16Oct1880  Digby, Nova Scotia
Groom’s mother:  Louisa    father:  James A.
Bride’s mother:  Catherine  father:  James

James Dennison/Louisa Viets  26Jun1832   Trinity Anglican, Digby, Nova Scotia

Charles Andrew Sweeney/Jane Satira Snell  16Sep1873   (brother of Joshua Caleb, there’s more)

Will try birth records and whatever else next time.  So exciting to find new names, dates.  Oh, and I saved the actual pages from the Digby Census of 1901 and 1911 with my grandparents on them.  It even tells how much a person earned in a year, how many weeks of the year worked and how many hours per week ( mostly 60, and under $1000.)