The previous post may or may not be accurate, but good reference.

I also read the source from which Gail derived her information, Isaiah Wilson’s book on the history and geography of Digby, Nova Scotia.  There I learned…

Samuel Warne emigrated from New Jersey in the Spring of 1784 as a Loyalist, and was granted 200 acres of land.  He was born in 1740 in New Jersey and died 19Jan1801 in Digby Ridge, Nova Scotia.  He married Sarah Fairchild about 1770.  Her father’s name was Eleazar Fairchild but I can’t find her mother.

Samuel’s father, Samuel Warne, was born in 1703 and died in 1776 in South Amboy, Middlesex County, New Jersey.  He was the son of Thomas Warne and Mary Lord.  He married Margaret Arents 11Mar1755.

Unfortunately these dates don’t work.  Need to do some more work here when I’m not tired.  Margaret Arents was the daughter of Dr. Jacob Arents, as well as Nicholas and Mary.