Found already printed online genealogy of the Viets family.  Will try and get the link.
Another online source of the same book.

This is Harry Dennison’s father, Charles Dennison’s father, James Archer Dennison’s mother, Louisa Viets’ family.  Four more generations!  Back to the U.S. (New England) and Europe, country unknown, around 1700. 

Dr. John Viets m. Catherine Myers, 27Apr1700

son Captain John Viets, b.3Nov1712; pb. Simsbury, Conn.  m.12Dec1734 Lois Phelps, b.10Mar1718

son Rev. Roger Viets, b.9Mar1738, pb. Simsbury, Conn. m. 19Nov1772 Hester Botsford, daughter of Captain Nathan Botsford of New Milford, Conn.   

son Rev. Roger Moore Viets, b.29Nov1784 at Scotland, in Simsbury, Conn.  Moved to Digby, Nova Scotia about age 2.  m. Eliza Knutton of St. Johns.

daughter Louisa Viets, born about 1813; m. James Archer Dennison June 1832.

This is pretty cool stuff!  and they weren’t Loyalists exactly.  Louisa’s grandfather was a bishop in the Church of England, so when the Revolutionary War ended he was sent to Digby by his church.

And now, if this is correct, are added the names of Knutton, Botsford, Phelps, and Myers!

The most interesting, coincidental thing I found in the Viets genealogy was a John Moore.  My father’s brother is a different John Moore.  And that Simsbury, Connecticut was famous for its copper mine.

Oh, wait, but there’s more!  Here’s a link to a forum where I learned a bit more.

This is four generations back from Lois Phelps, mother of Roger Viets.

William Phelps b.1599  pb. England

son Nathaniel   m. Elizabeth Copley

son William   m. Abigail Stebbins

son Nathaniel  m. Lois, parents of Lois Phelps Viets, mother of  Roger Viets.

There are three books on the Viets genealogy.  One printed in 1902 by Francis H. Viets and one in 1990 by Dorothy Dean Viets Schell.  The third one is about the female Viets line.  The link above is for the 1902 book, which interestingly is part of the Wisconsin Historical Society archives!

Dictionary of Canadian Biography online, documents Roger Viets.