No posts for a while, but I am busy working on the Ancestry chart.  It has been a bit of work figuring out how it works.  Today I am learning how to add my grandmother’s adoptive family.  So, while it appears I am not working, I really am.  It’s just slow going.  When I get it done you will be the first to know!

Did quite a bit of research on the Farnham branch, trying to tie New England Farnhams to Digby Farnhams, with no success so far.  Or Farnhams in England with Farnhams in America.  So far nothing.  

William Ernest or William Otis Farnham is a mystery as to where he was born.  I will not give up!  One of these days something will connect.  So, while all the information is documented, there are still some missing bits of information.  Some Farnhams also went to Ireland in the 1630s, the same time Ralph and John emigrated to America.

Interestingly, some of Ralph’s or John’s (I can’t remember which) descendents settled in Andover, Massachusetts.  I followed them past William Ernest/Otis Farnham’s date of birth, which appears to have been in Maine.  No connection found.

Were they Loyalists, New Englanders, Englanders, Irish???  When did they go to Digby?  Why?  If he was born in Maine why did he leave?  Lots of questions, no answers yet.  Sounds like a good book in the making!