My grandfather, Harry Leigh Dennison’s father was Charles Dennison, born 1851 in Digby, Nova Scotia.  Charles died in Digby, Nova Scotia, date unknown.

Charles married Alice Jane Farnham of Digby 16Oct1880 in Digby, Nova Scotia.  These are their children:

Effie May Louise, born bef. Jul1884 in Digby, died c.1907 as a bride to Asa Porter Murray, whom she married 19Jun1907 in Digby, Nova Scotia.

Harry Leigh, born 27Aug1887 in Digby, died 14Jan1959 in Lawrence, MA, married Florence S. Donnelly 18Feb1914 in Digby, Nova Scotia.  They have five children, three grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and one great-great-granddaughter.

Katherine (Katie) E., born 1888 in Digby, date of death unknown, married John H. James 25Jun1920 in North Bay, Nova Scotia.  They had one daughter, Edith, and six grandchildren.

Bernard, born 1893 in Digby, died 21Dec1909 in Digby.  (I had never heard of this child.)

Gladys, born Feb1895 in Digby.

Alva Woodward, born 4Oct1896 in Digby, married Charles James Bairt 14Oct1919 in Roxbury, MA.  They had a number of children, perhaps five.

Jeanette (Nettie), born Jun1898 in Digby, married photographer Paul Yates.

The other children died as babies.

The last three children were half-sisters according to Harry but their birth records bear the Dennison name.  Alice married Charles VanTassell in 1904 in Digby according to the marriage register, presumably after Charles’ death.