One of the things God has been teaching me lately is that things which I cannot see are often better than what I anticipate and are always better than the things which can be seen.  There is a verse too…

You cannot see what is being done in preparation for updating this blog.  Hopefully you will think it is worth waiting for.  Today I successfully figured out how to scan the old family photos into Picasa, captioned, cropped, exported, and numbered them.  So far twenty-six have been done.  The process should speed up now that I know what to do.

Eventually they will be in a web album which family members will have access to.  Good things are coming.  Unseen as yet, but coming!  So thankful for the technology which enables us to share these family treasures.  I’m looking forward to editing some of the photos.  For now they are the originals simply enlarged.  On the whole the quality is excellent.  Here’s a sample:

Florence Donnelly in 1913  (age 23)