Whew!  the photos(238) in the Dennison Brown Family Album have all been scanned in a week, rescanned I should say.  At this moment they are being synced to a Picasa web album which I will share with family members.  (The actual photos are in a brown album, hence the title.)

This album is a combination of photos from my mother (Marion), Auntie B (Beulah), and Gram (Florence).  It is somewhat chronological but in sections beginning with Florence, her siblings, birth mother, and cousins.

Next is the Donnelly family who adopted Florence and George Sweeney, brother Bernie (Bernard), his family, and mother Bertha Germain’s family.

Grandpa Dennison (Harry), his mother Alice Farnham Dennison and her second husband Charles VanTassell, and Harry’s sisters and their families.

Then we start Harry and Florence Dennison’s family, first in Nova Scotia, where Beulah, Ruth, and Marion were born, and then in Andover, Mass. where Richard and Kenny were born.  The family came to Boston in July 1923.  Pictures include the spouses and grandchildren, Cindy (Cynthia), Joyce, and Susan. This section ends with the last photo of the five siblings in August 1989.

Photos featuring Florence, ending with her 89th birthday.  She celebrated two more.

Photos featuring Harry, in random order, doing the things he loved.

Ending with individual photos of Beulah, Ruth, Marion, and Richard taken at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., which is where their father worked.

This album is by no means complete.  The photos have been scanned exactly as they are.  Captions are what is written on the back, sometimes by the owner of the pic and some by my mother.  They appear to be accurate.  I do have more photos of the siblings.

Enjoy!  Feel free to comment, question, criticize, ignore as you wish.