There is a yellow sticky, I do not remember where this came from, which says the following:

April 6, 1923
Yarmouth to Boston
Age 35

That would be my grandfather, Harry Dennison, I believe.

So yesterday I attempted to locate information about ships which travelled from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Boston, Massachusetts in 1923.  This is what I learned:

There was a Boston & Yarmouth Steamship Company which ran between Yarmouth and Boston during 1923.  Here is the brochure.

The office of the Boston & Yarmouth Steamship Co. was located at India Wharf and 332 Washington, and 254 Atlantic Avenue in Boston.

Somewhere there was a list of steamships which ran between Yarmouth and Boston.  I got nowhere when I Googled the names.  Mostly that turned up ports other than Boston, such as Alaska.  And no success in looking at passenger lists either.

S.S. Prince George, ca. 1920

At some point the Boston & Yarmouth Steamship Co. was bought by the Eastern Steamship Company, which ran in conjunction with the Dominion Atlantic Railway schedule.

This I also found, not having to do with the ships, but on which side of the road one is to drive!  Pretty interesting.  The date was close to the date on my sticky, that’s how it came up.

So, if anyone knows anything about the name of the steamship that commonly ran between Yarmouth and Boston, or the particular one on which my mother, her two sisters, and her mother came on in July 1923, I’m all ears.

I’m also not sure if Harry came ahead and sent for them, or if he went back and came with them.  Was hoping this would be easier to track down.  That’s about it.