This link is to a blog all about Digby, Nova Scotia.  It’s not current, just a few years old.  Might be interesting to those of us who have not been there — yet.

This link is to a blog for the Van Tassell family of Digby, Nova Scotia.  It is about five years old.  It would be interesting if Charles Van Tassell were related.   Charles married Alice Dennison after Charles Dennison died.  We are not related to the Van Tassells.

This post has a ton of information in it, and I think it is the same family.  The marriage of Charles VanTassell and Alice Dennison, 4Aug1904, lists the groom’s mother as Cynthia, and father, Isaac.

The above post is also of interest because the name surname Manzer is frequently used.  I would like to give this a good look when I get a chance.  Manzer is on Florence’s side of the family.  Her mother’s mother was a Manzor.