Well, learned a few things on this site on FamilySearch tonight.

Googled James and Lavinia Denison, this came up first.  It’s pretty thorough and you can view it in chart form.

Turns out James’ father, Andrew Denison, and Lavinia’s father, David Sherman Denison, have the same father, Robert Denison, Jr.  Different mothers.  That makes their fathers half-brothers, and I’m guessing that makes them first cousins?

Here is the document for their marriage in the Nova Scotia archives.

So, before all that confusion, I was able to get a few more names of parents and children, to fill in some of the gaps.  The source of this information is the History of Kings County Nova Scotia by Wentworth, which is available as a Google book.  [The link is to a random page of the book.  Not sure how to look things up. The FamilySearch cites pages.]

Looks like I’m still looking for Andrew Denison and Mary Thompson’s children.  I’ll try them next.  Took awhile of digging, but I found them!

This is the link.  It’s quite difficult to cipher.  There’s an appendix and index at the end, but I don’t understand the index.  The appendix has lots of historical narrative pertaining to George and John, quite interesting.  I didn’t read much of it.  It’s quite lengthy.

By the way, I copied it down so that I can include it in my typed version, which will be 12 generations of Dennisons, including Harry.  Seven are done, so now that I have the info I can finish the other five.  This is exciting!  Hard work paying off 🙂

(Still haven’t read the word Loyalist, but that narrative might tell, maybe not.)