Happened across this term tonight in the William Cheesebrough genealogy, in reference to PRUDENCE SHERMAN and ROBERT DENISON, Jr. leaving Connecticut to live in Nova Scotia.

So I Googled it and this is Wikipedia’s definition.  To my great delight, there is another reason for New Englanders to be emigrating to Nova Scotia, other than being Loyal to the Crown of England!  And here, for one, is a Denison who was not a Loyalist per se.

Gold mine!  Pay dirt!  Here’s a site which shows a monument to the New England Planters, along with links to other sources of information, complete with maps.  It’s incredible!  And to think we grew up in New England, love history, and never heard of this…for shame.  Probably because they left, well…so did we 🙂   1760-1763

28Jul2005 new Planters Monument at Horton Landing, Nova Scotia

Map showing the location of the Planters Monument,
Horton Landing, Kings County, Nova Scotia

 New bronze plaque 28Jul2005 on Planters Monument at Horton Landing, Nova Scotia