Googled the names Charles and Alice Denison with one ‘N’ today, just for fun.  Well, have a look at what I found!  Midge Frazel is a professional genealogist and grave photographer, and she is a descendant of our Denison line, and a member of the Denison Society.

Her blog will be a source of information, not only on the Denison family, most of which are on different branches of the tree, but in identifying authentic documentation in tracing one’s family history, and in the proper manner of citing authentic documentation.

She has a long list of labels down the side which are helpful in finding posts which pertain to our part of the tree.  And the site is currently being posted on.  Not all of the information she posts is on her family, but the labels are well done for finding what is.

Her blog is ‘Granite In My Blood‘.