Charles Denison Randall is the son of Charles Randall and Sarah Denison, who I believe is a daughter or sister of David Sherman Denison of Horton/Wolfville, Kings County, Nova Scotia, formerly of Montville, New London, Connecticut.

There are links to the history of the Randall House, the Wolfville Historical Society, in reference to the New England Planters, and history of Charles and Sarah Denison Randall.

Also of interest is the history of Horton Academy, which was begun by the local Baptists to train young men for the ministry.

Bingo!   This FamilySearch link provided the lineage and Page 627 in the History of Kings County…. makes the connection:

Charles Denison Randall is the son of Charles Randall and Sarah Denison.

Sarah Denison is the second daughter of David Denison and Milcah Palmer.

David Denison is the first son of David Sherman Denison and Sarah Fox.

Therefore, Charles Denison Randall is the ggrandson of David Sherman Denison.

Now, going the other way:

David Sherman Denison is the father of Lavinia Denison, who married James Denison.

Lavinia Denison and David Denison are brother and sister.

Therefore, James and Lavinia Denison’s son James Archer Denison is a first cousin to Sarah Denison Randall.

BIG ARROW —-Therefore, James Archer Dennison’s son, Charles Dennison is a second cousin to Charles Denison Randall.

Therefore, Charles and Alice Dennison’s son, Harry Leigh Dennison is a third cousin to the children of David Denison Randall.

All I can say is Wow!  and this is so much fun!