After a bit of searching, here is the online text of  “A record of the descendants of Capt. George Denison, of Stonington, Conn. With notices of his father and brothers, and some account of other Denisons who settled in America in the colonial times”.  It is in the link list now, under George Denison Book.

Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton’s book History of Kings County, Nova Scotia is available from Google books.  It is downloadable for free here.

Isaiah Wilson’s Geography and History of Digby County, Nova Scotia.  This is not the link I used before, which I am not finding.  It had a search window so you could put the page number or name in.

I was hoping to find specifically what needs documenting, but that will have to wait until another time.

Here’s one I just found, a History of the Baptists of the Maritime Provinces.  It is an ebook.