Charles and Alice Denison

Googled the names Charles and Alice Denison with one ‘N’ today, just for fun.  Well, have a look at what I found!  Midge Frazel is a professional genealogist and grave photographer, and she is a descendant of our Denison line, and a member of the Denison Society.

Her blog will be a source of information, not only on the Denison family, most of which are on different branches of the tree, but in identifying authentic documentation in tracing one’s family history, and in the proper manner of citing authentic documentation.

She has a long list of labels down the side which are helpful in finding posts which pertain to our part of the tree.  And the site is currently being posted on.  Not all of the information she posts is on her family, but the labels are well done for finding what is.

Her blog is ‘Granite In My Blood‘.


Charles Dennison Randall

Charles Denison Randall is the son of Charles Randall and Sarah Denison, who I believe is a daughter or sister of David Sherman Denison of Horton/Wolfville, Kings County, Nova Scotia, formerly of Montville, New London, Connecticut.

There are links to the history of the Randall House, the Wolfville Historical Society, in reference to the New England Planters, and history of Charles and Sarah Denison Randall.

Also of interest is the history of Horton Academy, which was begun by the local Baptists to train young men for the ministry.

Bingo!   This FamilySearch link provided the lineage and Page 627 in the History of Kings County…. makes the connection:

Charles Denison Randall is the son of Charles Randall and Sarah Denison.

Sarah Denison is the second daughter of David Denison and Milcah Palmer.

David Denison is the first son of David Sherman Denison and Sarah Fox.

Therefore, Charles Denison Randall is the ggrandson of David Sherman Denison.

Now, going the other way:

David Sherman Denison is the father of Lavinia Denison, who married James Denison.

Lavinia Denison and David Denison are brother and sister.

Therefore, James and Lavinia Denison’s son James Archer Denison is a first cousin to Sarah Denison Randall.

BIG ARROW —-Therefore, James Archer Dennison’s son, Charles Dennison is a second cousin to Charles Denison Randall.

Therefore, Charles and Alice Dennison’s son, Harry Leigh Dennison is a third cousin to the children of David Denison Randall.

All I can say is Wow!  and this is so much fun!

Andrew Denison and Mary Thompson

Here’s a site I just found.  You type in a name and it searches its records.

I first was looking for Andrew Denison’s wife Mary Thompson’s parents.  There is an Isaac Thompson of Rhode Island who could be her father.  He’s a bit old, but he had 15 children so…which are not listed.  It will take more work to nail that down.

Always find new things late at night when my eyes won’t do anymore 🙂

Next I typed in Denison.  There’s quite a list of familiar names, which I am not looking through tonight.  Probably nothing new, but you don’t know until you look.

Not sure who runs this site, but it’s neat and easy to use.

Nova Scotia Poll Tax, 1791-1793

Here’s a few of our newly found ancestors, living in Horton, Nova Scotia.  These Denisons came from Montville, New London, Connecticut as New England Planters, I believe.

Here’s the link.  It’s from the Nova Scotia website.

RG 1 vol. 444 use NSARM microfilm no. 13580

Name Occupation Location Township County Year Tax Livestock Sheet
Denison, John      Cornwallis  Kings  1791  £ 0 1 0   007 
Denison, Andrew      Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 1 0   014 
Denison, D. Sherman      Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 1 0   014 
Denison, David  Farmer    Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 5 0   014 
Denison, Elisha  Farmer    Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 5 0   014 
Denison, Gurdon  Surgeon    Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 10 0   014 
Denison, James      Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 1 0   014 
Denison, John      Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 4 0   014 
Denison, John  Farmer    Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 5 0   014 
Denison, Samuel  Attorney    Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 10 0   014 
Denison, Samuel (Jr.)  Farmer    Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 5 0   014 
Denison, Samuel (Jr.)      Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 4 0   014 
Denison, Shearman (Jr.)      Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 4 0   014 
Denison, Sherman  Farmer    Horton  Kings  1791  £ 0 5 0   014 

Andrew, D(avid) Sherman, Gurdon, and one of the Samuels were likely the sons of Robert Denison, Jr.
John, Elisha, and possibly James were possibly the sons of Andrew Denison.
One of the Samuels and Sherman and David were likely the sons of David Sherman Denison.
That accounts for ten of the thirteen Denisons listed in Horton.

Jeanette Vantassel Yeats (Yates)

Finally found Nettie’s marriage record here.  She married Paul Yeats, age 61, when she was age 26, on November 24, 1925.

Nettie, or Aunt Nettie,  is Jeanette, daughter of Alice Dennison Vantassel, half-sister of Harry Leigh Dennison.

She was born, although I don’t know where this information came from, it is as yet undocumented, in June of 1898.  Born and married in Digby.  Haven’t found a death record….yet.

Wanted to see who she listed as her father:  Charles Vantassel.  Charles Vantassel married Alice Dennsion in 1904 as recorded here.

One more piece of information, still a mystery as to when Charles Dennison died.

Alice Dennison VanTassell

Death record for Alice Vantassel is here.  She died on June 2, 1932 at age 72.  She was born on March 20, 1860 in Digby.  She is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Digby, and her husband, Charles VanTassell survived her.  He was born November 22, 1861 in Digby, and died May 22, 1944, at age 82.  His parents were John VanTassell, born in Nova Scotia, and Jane Ryan, born in Ireland.

VanTassell was her second husband.   She first married Charles Dennison.  Charles and Alice Dennison are Harry Leigh Dennison’s parents.

If this seems redundant it’s because some of the information is new to me.  Just clarifying and documenting with Novia Scotia Archives.

New England Planters

Happened across this term tonight in the William Cheesebrough genealogy, in reference to PRUDENCE SHERMAN and ROBERT DENISON, Jr. leaving Connecticut to live in Nova Scotia.

So I Googled it and this is Wikipedia’s definition.  To my great delight, there is another reason for New Englanders to be emigrating to Nova Scotia, other than being Loyal to the Crown of England!  And here, for one, is a Denison who was not a Loyalist per se.

Gold mine!  Pay dirt!  Here’s a site which shows a monument to the New England Planters, along with links to other sources of information, complete with maps.  It’s incredible!  And to think we grew up in New England, love history, and never heard of this…for shame.  Probably because they left, well…so did we 🙂   1760-1763

28Jul2005 new Planters Monument at Horton Landing, Nova Scotia

Map showing the location of the Planters Monument,
Horton Landing, Kings County, Nova Scotia

 New bronze plaque 28Jul2005 on Planters Monument at Horton Landing, Nova Scotia

More on Abbott

For some reason I am not able to continue typing on the previous post, so will continue here.

This link may prove useful for future reference.  It is Dexter, Maine Abbott genealogy.  And this one is obituaries for the town of Dexter, Maine.

The descendants of William Abbott is lengthy and comprehensive, with sources cited in endnotes.  The majority of them are in Andover.  I did not look at them all, but did not see Nova Scotia anywhere, but once they left Andover, many did not have places listed.  Tried to look for a Joseph born c.1800 which might be ours, but didn’t find anything that looked right.